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To avoid climate change catastrophe, civilization must collapse—Dr. Tim Garrett—Radio Ecoshock 2010

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University of Utah Associate Prof. Tim Garrett says carbon burned = civilized wealth. We must either construct a nuclear reactor a day, or experience harsh economic collapse, to have a habitable climate. The growth economy and climate doom are inextricably linked. Show by Radio Ecoshock, reposted under CC License. This is two interviews from 2010: February 5, and November 19. Episode details at https://www.ecoshock.org/2014/07/the-big-picture-like-it-or-not.html Transcript of the 2nd interview: http://www.ecoshock.org/transcripts/ES_Garrett_Transcript.htm Stop Fossil Fuels researches and disseminates effective strategies and tactics to halt fossil fuel combustion as fast as possible. Learn more at https://stopfossilfuels.org SHOW EXCERPT University of Utah Physics Professor...
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